Shipping Info

General Information

    • Are you having trouble with the contents of an order or your shipment hasn't arrived? Send a message to within 30 days of your order's shipping date (60 days for international) and we will help you out ASAP.
    • Did we make a mistake? Please write us with attached photos of any incorrect or damaged product and we will get your order back on track at no cost to you.
      • Did you make a mistake during ordering? Contact us immediately so we can assist in making any necessary changes to the information or content of your order before it ships.
      • Where is the order? Once an order is placed, it will begin processing. When an order is packaged and labeled for shipment, normally within 2 business days, an email will be sent with tracking information for your order. If it is a pre-order item, please see the product description for more information on when your product will be shipping to you.
      • Tracking information shows important updates on the status of an order and if any action is required, please check the status periodically if you are wondering where your order is.
      • Make sure to place orders under an actively used email so important information like order receipts, tracking, and any support can reach you. Please contact support if you have any questions.

      Returns and Refunds

        • Needing to return an item for a refund or exchange? If your order was already sent, we allow for items to be returned or exchanged for an item of equal or lesser value as long as the order is returned in good condition and you cover any further shipping costs. No restocking fee will occur.
        • We do not offer returns or exchange for product sent with a digital code since we are not able to re-sell game keys without guaranteeing the code's validity.
        • Please note that once an item is sent, we are only able to refund the cost of the product and not the shipping or any VAT charges incurred. Any merchandise requested for exchange is not guaranteed to be available upon receiving the returned item.
        • We do not provide pre-paid labels for returns. The service selected to ship an item back safely is your choice.
        • Please include your name and order number within your return. Items are to be sent to the following address:

        7061 Grand National Drive
        STE 138
        Orlando, FL 32819


            • Pre-orders are charged at the time of purchase, not when we ship them out.
            • Some pre-orders may need to be purchased separately.
            • If your order contains non-pre-order items, the package will ship once all items become available. If you want an item to arrive sooner, you should purchase it separately from pre-orders.
            • Pre-order shipping estimates are estimates only. We make every effort to ship pre-order items on the date listed, but things happen in the wonderful world of manufacturing and shipping that are out of our control. Please be patient and look for updates on the product page.

            Standard Shipping Information

            • We are a small indie team that ships from Orlando, Florida. The further away from Orlando, the longer it will take and the higher the potential shipping cost.
            • For both domestic and international orders, we ship Monday through Friday through USPS, FedEX, and APC.
            • Delivery dates offered by both IndieBox and the delivery service are estimates and are not guaranteed. We do not offer shipping reimbursement for orders that arrive after the estimated delivery period. If you are moving or need an order ASAP, please email support and we will do everything we can to help you out.
            • Shipping does not include production time, thus any expedited shipping options will not reduce production time needed. Once an order is complete, we will send the package under the selected method. This is especially important in times of major celebrated and sales holidays.
            • If your order arrives back to us in good condition as a 'return to sender', we will reach out to you via Email and arrange re-shipment or a refund. Any assessed RTS fees will be charged before reshipping the order.
            • Shipping prices are updated and calculated live, based on weight/size and location, at the best rates offered by our logistics partners. 
            • Each shipping option we offer comes with door-to-door tracking for orders in the US and most international countries. Package pricing does not come with insured shipping.

            Domestic Shipping

            • USPS First Class ($)
              • 2 to 6 business days shipping.
              • Package must be under a pound.
            • USPS Priority Mail ($$)
              • 2 business days shipping.
              • Any weight accepted.
            • USPS Priority Mail Express ($$$)
              • 1 business day shipping.
              • Any weight accepted.

            International Shipping

                • APC International Shipping - Duties Unpaid ($)
                  • Does not include any VAT or Duty fees. Your country may flag the purchase upon customs entry and assess VAT, Duties, and Handling fees that may equate to larger than our VAT charge.
                  • Ships every Monday.
                • APC International - Pre-paid VAT and Duties ($$)
                  • VAT and Duties will be paid as part of your purchase. 
                  • Ships every Monday.
                  • Cheaper than paying VAT at your local customs office.
                • USPS First Class International Shipping - Duties Unpaid ($$$)
                  • 7-21 business days shipping.
                  • Package must be under 4 pounds.
                • USPS Priority International Shipping - Duties Unpaid ($$$$)
                  • 6-10 business days shipping.
                  • Any weight accepted.
                • Any special policies for International shipping?
                  • If a package becomes completely lost in transit, we will re-ship the order once at no charge or offer a refund for the cost of product minus shipping. If the reshipment package goes missing, we will not send a third order nor will the offer for a refund be available, as we have to assume there is an issue with the local post or address.
                  • To help prevent lost orders, ensure your address is correctly formatted, and any apartment and unit numbers are included.
                  • International orders with duties unpaid will likely be held in customs awaiting VAT payment. Please keep an eye out for notices from the local post or via the issued tracking link.
                  • IndieBox can ship worldwide to any address recognized by a local postal service. However, we do not offer shipping to Russia, Brazil, and Lithuania due to extensive issues with the local mail service. Made to order items may not be affected by this shipping hold.

                Shipping Discounts

                • Occasionally, a sale will offer free shipping for our customers either domestic or worldwide. The following is what we use for free shipping:
                  • Continental US - USPS First Class, USPS Priority, and FedEx Smartpost depending on order weight and shipping price.
                  • International - APC DDU (you will be responsible for any assessed customs or VAT charges).

                Split Shipping

                • While sometimes our product will ship separately, due to availability/warehouse location/order size, we do not offer the ability to split a shipment.
                • If a package has pre-order merchandise, the order will ship when all items are ready to send.
                • Orders may be shipped in two separate packages if the order is too large or if the items would become damaged shipping together.


                • Many of our items sell out quickly and are produced in limited quantities. 
                • If we accidentally oversell an item, we will fulfill items in the order that they were received. We will offer to refund or exchange your order for an item(s) of equal or lesser value.
                • Periodically, we may have an order limit per customer. If we find a customer to have ordered multiple of a limited item, we will cancel and refund the orders.


                • Our products are created as a small-run boutique, thus it should be no surprise if the handmade/limited productions come with a few discrepancies. Below is a list of minor errors that may be experienced:
                  • Slight variants in fabric colors from advertised mock-ups.
                  • Tiny spots of color, stray threads, light dust or residue, hint of a chemical smell on mousepads/apparel may arrive as a part of the printing process. Washing and cutting any extra thread should fix this right up!
                  • Small chips, discoloration, or ink build up on prints or figures.
                  • Slightly creased or worn edges of packaging, sleeves, paper inserts, posters, or manuals.
                  • Small holes or rips in the exterior plastic shrink wrap for shipping protection.
                • If there is a problem with the condition of an item sent, please email us and send photos.


                • Customers in the State of Florida will be taxed according to their county. International customers may have a country or VAT tax included in their order as well. These are not fees we can discount.
                • What is VAT? If you are outside of the United States, your country may impose a customs duty or value add tax (VAT). In some cases, we offer a shipping option (DDP) that allows you to pay VAT prior to shipping which makes it cheaper than if you were to be notified by your local postal service.
                • Duties unpaid (DDU) is also offered but you as a customer accept the risks involved and any additional costs that may be assessed in order to receive a package from customs.
                • We cannot mark orders as a "gift" or alter the value of an item to avoid tax laws for international orders.

                Prepaid Customs Legal Notice

                • Packages are imported by the consignee/ebuyer. The consignee grants IndieBox to import the goods on their behalf. The consignee/ebuyer agrees that IndieBox has the right to pass to a subcontract the obligation of importing goods on their behalf. Taxes & duties are paid by the consignee alongside the purchase price of products.